Doplar is an evolving art form, Sensebox our living playground, where each area of the will be designated towards a certain sense. There will be over 20 participants ranging from musicians, visual artists, experience alchemists, taking part.

Doplar was founded by Reuben Dowdy, and Voices of Black. Sensebox, is moved in motion by founder and friends of Sindy Varela, bringing these talented artists under one space.

Don’t live in New York? Don’t worry you can watch it LIVE on via our TwitCam 5/28 9pm-4am eastern time.


If you are like me, you day dream about Berlin. If you are in California, like I am, that becomes a bit of a problem. Since the world seems to have agreed that doubling the price of a plane ticket to Europe is fair game, crossing the Atlantic becomes all that much harder. Fortunately, there are still aides that will take you part of the way without draining your bank account.

I feel in love with this track long ago, and I still have no problems associating that sound with the slightly sketchy events happening along the banks of the Spree. Now, Niconé and Philip Bader – two thirds of the trio collaborating on the aforementioned track – are back with the Mama Simba, which is just as quirky and groovy as you might expect.

The title track pumps away with a simple groove front and center, but Lonely on the flip (if the notion of flipping an mp3 appeals to you), has more layers to it. Here, the vocals are actually legible, albeit not exactly easy to interpret, except for the guy’s strong desire to “get lonely.” Worry not; there’s still a dead-simple bass line and some rambling keys to set things everything but straight.


Jordi Colomer is a Spanish architect and artist who started his formation at the EINA, Art and Design School in Barcelona where he studied History of Art and Architecture. He was interested in architectural planning in Urbanism. That’s why his performance lies in the public space, making video which comport sculpture, scenography and architecture.

Then he made some videos across Brazil, France, Romania, Japan, Yemen and Mexico showing unprofessional actors filmed in architectural spaces wide or desert.

He also made an interesting work about the anarchism in city centers named ANARCHITEKTON. Colomer tries to make a good critic of our city centers in a simple way: making models and running away bringing them in front of the building or the space.

Visit his website and follow him! You can see him in the ARCHILAB Center in Orleans.


Mike Dehnert has this magnificent ability of giving the best of his German culture. After releasing EPs and giving away plenty of remixes, Framework comes up and unifies a clear coherent techno from the beginning till the end. Infix will take you down (to the party) and free from work, before we go deeper inside the dark and masculine side of Framework Quatro Klartext and Teilfolge. Inversion kills it all with these bells and reaches the peak of the album. Palindrom will take you up and down like the russian mountains with it being 11 minutes long. Whilst Deep Detroit’s voice narrates the end of the world… oh god this album is too good.