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If you are like me, you day dream about Berlin. If you are in California, like I am, that becomes a bit of a problem. Since the world seems to have agreed that doubling the price of a plane ticket to Europe is fair game, crossing the Atlantic becomes all that much harder. Fortunately, there are still aides that will take you part of the way without draining your bank account.

I feel in love with this track long ago, and I still have no problems associating that sound with the slightly sketchy events happening along the banks of the Spree. Now, Niconé and Philip Bader – two thirds of the trio collaborating on the aforementioned track – are back with the Mama Simba, which is just as quirky and groovy as you might expect.

The title track pumps away with a simple groove front and center, but Lonely on the flip (if the notion of flipping an mp3 appeals to you), has more layers to it. Here, the vocals are actually legible, albeit not exactly easy to interpret, except for the guy’s strong desire to “get lonely.” Worry not; there’s still a dead-simple bass line and some rambling keys to set things everything but straight.