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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Ray is one of the most brilliant singers out there. Her music is extravagant and has a deep meaning to it. The 32-year-old artist gained her fame in the year 2011 after her song “Video Games” became a viral hit. Her debut album Born to Die captured the hearts of many and she brought about a new spark in pop music. Lana Del Ray has lived an interesting life, and we can see a reflection of it in her songs. The following are some of the things you did not know about Lana Del Ray:

Lana Del Ray has had a lot of other stage names:

Before she settled down with the name Lana Del Ray, she has had several stage names. She was initially known as Lizzy Grant as she was named Elizabeth Woolridge Grant by her parents. Some of the other stage names she had were Sparkle Jump, Rope Queen, May Jailer etc. She then settled with the name Lana Del Ray when she was on a trip to Miami with her sister. She told that she wanted her name to sound exotic and she wanted to be reminded of the Floridian seaside.

Her relationships with label executives:

When Huffington Post had asked her in the year 2009, “Where was the strongest place she had ever performed”, She replied that her strongest performance was in a basement for a handsome record executive. She also said that she made out with him at the back of his office. Later she told that she was in a relationship for about seven years with a record label head.

Lana Del Ray and her wealthy father:

Lana was quite open that she did not grow up poor. She has a wealthy father, but he did not sponsor for her career in music. Robert Grant is a millionaire who made money through domain names. She did attend fancy boarding schools and had a comfortable childhood, but that does not mean that her father sponsored her music bills.


She stared in a commercial, but it was never aired:

In the year 2009, before her debut song Video Games was released she made a partnership with a company named Keds which is a footwear company but the partnership was called off, and no one quite really knew what happened.

All her tattoos tell a story:

Almost all the tattoos she has are a phrase, and each of them tells us a story of her life. On her collarbone, she has a tattoo that says Nina & Billie, and in her right forearm, she has a tattoo that says, Nabokov Whitman. In her right hand, she has tattooed her mottos “Die Young” and “trust no one”. She believes that death and paradise are linked, and she has a tattoo which reads Paradise on the left hand.